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Brexit countdown

Note new date for the Let Us Be Heard march:
19 October

The first week of July marks the start of the new session of the European Parliament. The MEPs elected in its 28 member countries take their seats and start work, representing the interests of the EU’s 500 million citizens. Brent is part of the London Area with eight of the UK’s 73 MEPs.

As things stand at the moment, the UK will leave the EU, by default, on 31 October 2019. For that not to happen will require a positive action to be taken.

The timeline below sets out various events before that date.

New Prime Minister

While Brexit day draws ever closer, our fate awaits the election of the replacement leader of the Tory Party who will become our next Prime Minister. His election will be decided by the 160,000 or so Conservative Party members through a postal ballot.

How Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson choose to manoeuvre their way through the minefield of party politics, party members, the Government, Westminster, the EU and hard reality has been the subject of much speculation, assertions, rebuttals and wishful thinking.

Meanwhile, the European Commission has reiterated its strong and stable position that it will not re-negotiate the Withdrawal Agreement, despite claims from Johnson that he would be able to.


Immediately the new PM is announced, Westminster packs its bags for the Summer holidays. When they return, there are a mere eight sitting days before the conference season starts. During these three weeks, Parliament is again in recess.

When they return from that, there are just 12 more sitting days before we leave the EU.

That doesn’t give MPs much time to stop a catastrophic no-deal Brexit, agree the deal that Theresa May has already agreed with the EU (but which Parliament has rejected three times) or to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU. It seems unlikely the EU will grant the UK yet another extension — and certainly not just to try to renegotiate the already agreed deal — although they may do so if the UK was going to hold a referendum on the deal.

It is difficult to guess at what might happen in these few months but must use it to persuade MPs that, if they are unable to break the deadlock in Parliament, they must let the people decide if the deal that has been negotiated is the right one for us.

There will be some marches and rallies over the coming months but we also urge everyone to write to their MP to let them know how the Brexit deadlock can be broken.

Brent4Europe will be handing out leaflets, knocking on doors and meeting MPs. If you are able to help with any of these activities, please contact the organiser, Karin.

Please bookmark this page and keep coming back for updates and changes in the coming months.

Previous events

Previous events will be added here as they are deleted from the main timeline:

20 July: March for Change

23 July: Announcement that Boris Johnson was elected as the new leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party

24 July: Boris Johnson takes over as Prime Minister

25 July: Both House of Commons and Lords rise for Summer recess

03 September: Both Houses return

09 September: The European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 2) Act 2019 gained Royal Assent. This aims to prevent the Government from leaving the EU without a deal without the agreement of Parliament.

10 September: Parliament was prorogued in the early hours by Boris Johnson until Monday 14 October.

11 September: The Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that the proroguing of Parliament was unlawful. The ruling is being appealed by the Government to the Supreme Court and will be heard from Tuesday 17 September.

The Government’s ‘Yellowhammer’ document was finally published, setting out what’s expected to happen if a no-deal Brexit was to go ahead. Its five pages spell out chaos and catastrophe across all areas of Government and society and traffic disruption and delays at ports. Shortages, food and fuel prices rises are expected as is panic buying and riots. Attempts to find someone who voted for this have proved fruitless.

14 September: Start of the LibDem Party Conference in Bournemouth

17 September: End of the LibDem Party Conference in Bournemouth

21 September: Start of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton

25 September: End of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton

29 September: Start of the Tory Party Conference in Manchester

02 October: End of the Tory Party Conference in Manchester

04 October: Start of Plaid Cymru Conference in Swansea

06 October: End of Plaid Cymru Conference in Swansea


18 Days till Brexit

Start of the SNP Conference in Aberdeen

Click here for details.

End of the SNP Conference

16 Days till Brexit
17 to Friday 18
14 Days till Brexit

European Council meeting

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People’s Vote Let us be Heard march

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Note new date!

12 Days till Brexit

Brexit day

Currently scheduled date the UK leaves the EU at 23:00 GMT

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