Brexit countdown

As things stand at the moment, the UK will leave the EU, by default, on or before 31 January 2020.

The timeline below sets out various events before that date.

General Election

The next General Election will be held on Thursday 12 December 2019. Political Parties of all flavours will be campaigning hard in the coming weeks.

Brent4Europe will be handing out leaflets, knocking on doors and meeting MPs. If you are able to help with any of these activities, please contact the organiser, Karin.

Please bookmark this page and keep coming back for updates and changes in the coming months.

Previous events

Previous events will be added here as they are deleted from the main timeline:

20 July: March for Change

23 July: Announcement that Boris Johnson was elected as the new leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party

24 July: Boris Johnson takes over as Prime Minister

25 July: Both House of Commons and Lords rise for Summer recess

03 September: Both Houses return

09 September: The European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 2) Act 2019 gained Royal Assent. This aims to prevent the Government from leaving the EU without a deal without the agreement of Parliament.

10 September: Parliament was prorogued in the early hours by Boris Johnson until Monday 14 October.

11 September: The Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that the proroguing of Parliament was unlawful. The ruling is being appealed by the Government to the Supreme Court and will be heard from Tuesday 17 September.

The Government’s ‘Yellowhammer’ document was finally published, setting out what’s expected to happen if a no-deal Brexit was to go ahead. Its five pages spell out chaos and catastrophe across all areas of Government and society and traffic disruption and delays at ports. Shortages, food and fuel prices rises are expected as is panic buying and riots. Attempts to find someone who voted for this have proved fruitless.

14 September: Start of the LibDem Party Conference in Bournemouth

17 September: End of the LibDem Party Conference in Bournemouth

21 September: Start of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton

25 September: End of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton

29 September: Start of the Tory Party Conference in Manchester

02 October: End of the Tory Party Conference in Manchester

04 October: Start of Plaid Cymru Conference in Swansea

06 October: End of Plaid Cymru Conference in Swansea

13 October: Start of the SNP Conference in Aberdeen

15 October: End of the SNP Conference

17 – 18 October: European Council meeting

19 October: People’s Vote Let us be Heard march

28 October: The EU agreed to the UK’s request to extend the Brexit deadline to 31 January 2020


12 December 2019
General Election

General Election

The UK is currently scheduled to leave the EU on or before 11 pm GMT on Friday 31 January 2020

31 January 2020
Brexit day

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