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Crucial week ahead for a public vote

This is going to be another crucial week for Brexit and winning a public vote on May’s deal vs Remain. 

On Tuesday, as long as May doesn’t pull the vote, there will be a third meaningful vote on her terrible Brexit deal.

This time though is different if all goes according to plan, Labour will support the Kyle / Wilson amendment on the bill. If passed, this would mean that May’s deal would be subject to a confirmatory referendum — essentially the public vote we’ve been working towards for over a year.

To get there Labour would vote for the amendment and then abstain on May’s deal itself — allowing the deal to pass, but without voting for what is a terrible piece of legislation.

What you can do

But we can’t take this for granted. We need to contact our MPs to ask them to vote for Kyle / Wilson amendment, to abstain on the deal, and to tell their fellow MPs to do the same.

Here’s how you can help

Your MP is either Barry Gardiner, Dawn Butler or Tulip Saddiq. You will find their full contact details here.

Send your MP and email

Barry Gardiner:
Dawn Butler:
Tulip Siddiq:

Here is some suggested text for your email. Feel free to amend and personalise it — emails that are a bit different and personalised will have far more impact.

You’ll need to add your name and address at the end so they know you are a constituent of theirs — and a voter at the next election.

If you think your MP supports a public vote, we suggest this text:

Subject: Please support Kyle / Wilson


This week there will be another crucial set of votes on Brexit.

I am writing as your constituent to ask you to support the Kyle / Wilson amendment, which would get us a confirmatory referendum on May’s deal.

I realise that passing May’s deal isn’t ideal — but it looks like this could be the only way to get a new vote on Brexit vs Remain.

The country is clearly moving against Brexit — today’s latest poll shows only 32% of people n favour of Brexit, 57% in favour of a new vote, and a mere 13% in favour of a halfway house Norway option. The people want a say, not a Westminster stitch up.

Thank you for all you’ve done to oppose the Tories on Brexit and all else. Please vote this week for Kyle / Wilson, and please do all you can to encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Thank you.

Your name and address

If you think your MP might not vote for Kyle / Wilson, we suggest this text:

Subject: Please support Kyle / Wilson


I am writing as one of your constituents to ask you to fully oppose the Tories’ Brexit policy and to support a second referendum.

I realise that this must have been a very difficult time to be an MP. You will I’m sure have heard from many voters telling you that Brexit must go ahead. You will also have heard from leave and remain campings, all trying to tell you that their version of the truth is the real one. I’m sure that’s been hard and that you will have faced my difficult decisions in recent months.

What I think is true though is that your job is to do the best thing for this area — regardless of what is going on in parliament. One thing I can’t understand is why so many people want Brexit to go ahead when we know that any kind of Brexit would make us poorer. Imagine a party going into a general election with a manifesto saying that we’d lose hundreds of thousands of jobs, that we’d cut ties with our closest partners, and that we’d lose our ability to cooperate with police and security forces across Europe. Any party that did so would lose — and badly.

I know that you want to do the best thing for this constituency and the communities that live here. In my opinion, that means stopping the Tories’ Brexit plans and giving the public the chance to give our verdict on their Leave plan. I think that Brexit would lose badly. Most of the people I know who voted Leave in 2016 have changed their mind — for many of them, they voted for more money for the NHS, not for fewer jobs and for workers’ rights and protections to be put at risk.

On top of that, to me, it just seems fair that, three years on, we would get the chance to say what we think. Three years between general elections doesn’t seem too short a time — why would it be any different from referendums?

In light of that, I ask you this week to support the Kyle / Wilson amendment. The greatest argument for this is just that it is the most democratic way forward — regardless of your opinion on Brexit, surely you can agree that your constituents deserve the chance to have our say on May’s deal?

Thank you for all your hard work for our area. Please do what you can to oppose the Tories.

Yours sincerely,

Your name and address

Other ways to help 

If you have time tomorrow it’s worth calling your MP’s office to ask them to support Kyle / Wilson:

Barry Gardiner: 020 7219 4046
Dawn Butler: 020 7219 8591
Tulip Siddiq: 020 7219 6276

If you’re on Twitter, send a Tweet to your MP:

@Tulip Siddiq

Tell them on Facebook:

@tulipsiddiq (although she hasn’t posted there since 2017)

If we don’t win the vote this week we’ll get another chance — this is not the end of the road. 

Final week before the People’s Vote March – we need your help!

Brent4Europe teams will meet up in advance on Saturday 23rd March.

Join up with our teams at:

11 am at Wembley Park, on Southbound met/Jubilee line platform

11 am outside Kensal Green station [Bakerloo line]

11.15 am outside Willesden Green station

Dear Supporters,

What a week! All the more important that we make the turnout for the People’s Vote March on Saturday 23rd March as huge as possible.

Lots of sessions scheduled but we can work around your availability. Please sign up whenever you can help.

Final week before the March

All week – Contact Karin 07972 265 836 if you can help with any of these sessions:

This Saturday 16th March

11 am – 1 pm Street Stall in Kensal Rise

Meet Opposite Kensal Rise Buses Contact Linda 07743 532190

This Saturday 16th March

11 am – 1 pm Street Session in Cricklewood

Meet up outside the Crown pub – contact Graham 07825 604749 – Street stall and door to door leafletting

Dudden Hill Door to door Leafletting – this weekend and weekday Choose your time, choose your team.

Station Leafleting 5 pm – 6.30 pm

College of North West London 4 pm

Monday 18th March

Kensal and Queens Park area Schools 2.45 – 3.30 pm and Street leafletting tba – call Linda 07743 532190

Tuesday 19th March

Willesden Junction station 5.30 – 6.30 pm Call Tom 07968 234762

Kensal and Queens Park area Schools 2.45 – 3.30 pm and Street leafletting tba – call Linda 07743 532190

Dollis Hill Station 4.30 – 6.30pm Call Karin 07971 265836

Wednesday 20th March

Kensal and Queens Park area Schools 2.45 – 3.30 pm and Street leafletting tba – call Linda 07743 532190

Cricklewood Station 4 pm onwards – call Karin 07971 265836

Thursday 21st March

Kensal and Queens Park area Schools 2.45 – 3.30 pm and Street leafletting tba – call Linda 07743 532190

Friday 22nd March eve of march final push

Kilburn and Queens Park area Station Leafletting 5 – 6.30 pm call Bob 07528 198150

Willesden Green station 5 pm call Karin 07971 265836

Cricklewood station 4 pm onwards call Graham 07825 604749

Hope to see you soon!

Now the real battle begins

What just happened in Parliament makes the big march on Saturday the 23rd more important than ever.

Theresa May is going to bring back her broken Brexit deal to Parliament for yet another vote no later than March 25th before she is forced to accept the deadline for leaving is extended.

We will be out there – in our hundreds of thousands – demanding louder and clearer than ever that any Brexit deal is PUT TO THE PEOPLE.

With your help, we can make this huge. Can you help us ensure it is looked back on in future as the moment we changed history?

Today was never a real test of support for a People’s Vote. And nobody is going to be fooled by the headline numbers or the Brexiters’ spin.

Most of the MPs who support a People’s Vote decided this was a day to keep their powder dry.

That’s because our best chance of victory is in the big battle which is now about to begin.

It is a battle for our country’s future. It is a battle for young people. It is a battle for democracy. That is why, on Saturday the 23rd – just nine days’ time – we will be meeting at Park Lane to march on Parliament.

European leaders need to know the British people won’t just roll over and accept a Brexit of broken promises that is already making our country poorer and heralding only years’ more chaos to come.

The Labour Party needs to know it will pay a terrible price if it does not back us when the real crunch comes.

And every MP, of whatever party, needs to hear our defiant roar against Brexit being forced on us.

The stakes could not be higher.

People’s Vote campaign HQ

A message from Seb Dance MEP

What happens now depends on our MPs. We have before us a deal that the Prime Minister has negotiated with the EU27. It is a deal that nobody wanted. For those of us opposed to Brexit, it realises all of our fears – putting the UK on a path of decline, out of the single market and customs union, causing decay and poverty in communities who have suffered already under the Tories. For those who wanted Brexit, this deal breaks every promise that was made. It leaves the UK poorer, and leaves us following the rules of the EU without any say over them – the biggest loss of sovereignty in our history.

Brexit is no longer a blank canvas of fantasy promises. It is 585 pages of cold reality. And this reality is nothing like what was sold in 2016. Any Tory government could use it as a pretext to tearing up hard-won rights and protections and steer us towards damaging trade deals with countries far more powerful than us that put at risk, among other things, our cherished NHS.

Seb Dance MEP for London

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